You’ve done it! You’ve made the decision that NOW is the time to take the family to Walt Disney World. But -- now what? Your friends are telling you what to do. Your colleagues are telling you what you can’t miss. There are planning books and blogs ... and boats and monorails and hundreds of restaurants and rides.

It’s overwhelming. And expensive. People are counting on you, and you don’t have time for this!

You need Help!

Help Around the Mouse is YOUR professional Disney planning service. We talk with you. We listen to you. We share our years of experience and knowledge. We work with you as you move from the beginnings of a Disney dream to Disney memories that will last a lifetime.

How? Step by step.

First, let’s create your big picture itinerary. Then, you’re going to want a more specific tour plan. Keep reading! Learn how fun and easy planning can be when you have a little Help Around the Mouse.