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Q:I prefer to go with the flow... this is a vacation! Is all this planning necessary?
Walt Disney World is the number one family vacation destination in the world. They allow their guests to make dining reservations up to 180 days in advance and typically reserve 100% of their restaurant seating well in advance. Fast Pass reservations for specific attractions can be made 60 days in advance. Going on a vacation of this nature without a plan can lead to long waits and create stressful situations. Going with the flow can seem desirable, but in reality, certain things should be thought of ahead of time, to make your time more relaxed.
Q:I am leaving soon for my Disney vacation and have already started planning. Now I find I'm in over my head! Can you help?
Help Around The Mouse would love to help you finalize your Walt Disney World vacation itinerary. The process will be much the same as if you had found us earlier in your vacation planning process. We would simply need to work with you at an accelerated pace to meet your needs.
For Walt Disney World vacations, it is important to know that Walt Disney World does start taking dinner reservations for their dining and activities 180 days in advance. Knowing that, we encourage our clients to be a bit flexible in their Disney vacation planning. Walt Disney World offers a wide variety of entertainment and dining options. A Disney guest who can be flexible can plan a wonderful family vacation, even if the trip is only weeks away.
Q:There is so much I don't know! Can I count on you to tell me if I am being unrealistic in my Disney vacation planning?
Certainly! One of our promises at Help Around The Mouse is that we will always be honest with you. Please understand we are not selling you Disney products, so there is nothing to gain on our part by cramming too much into a Disney vacation tour plan. We want your family to enjoy your Walt Disney World vacation as much as we always have, through a custom crafted Disney tour plan that is suited perfectly to your family's interests.
Will we tell you when your dream won't work? We never like to think that dreams are impossible! However, we do feel our responsibility is to help you experience your dream in an efficient way. After all, that's what you hired us for - you literally need Help Around The Mouse!
Q:I have heard there are special passes that allow you to go to the front of the line. Do you provide these passes with your Disney Tour Plans?
Walt Disney World does not provide or sell passes that allow you to move to the front of any line for any attraction. They do, however, employ a "Fast Pass" system. Help Around the Mouse take full advantage of the Fast Pass system to make the most of your Disney World vacation.
With your Help Around The Mouse itinerary and tour plans, attraction lines and long waits will not be an issue for your family.
Q:How are your Disney World tour plans able to avoid lines and crowd? Aren't they inevitable at Disney parks?
Experience is the best teacher. You know this from your daily life. You know the best tee times, the least (and most) crowded times on the expressway, and when to do your banking and shopping. You know this because life experience has been your teacher.
It is no different for us when it comes to Disney itineraries and tour plans. We know what causes one park to be more crowded than another; we know crowd patterns within the Disney parks and how these patterns ebb and flow. The simple fact is that most people eat at the same time, arrive at the same time and congregate in the same places. The key to avoiding crowds and lines is to simply be where most people are not.
The average wait for a Help Around The Mouse guest at any Walt Disney World attraction is approximately 0-10 minutes. This is achieved by planning the attractions you wish to visit and placing them in an order that will optimize your Disney experience. Couple that with an educated use of the Disney Fast Pass system and you are well on your way to a thoroughly enjoyable vacation!
Q:What will an average day of my Disney Vacation Itinerary and Tour Plan look like?
Each day of your Disney family vacation will reflect the needs of your family. This means that our Disney Itineraries and Tour Plans always vary from one family to the next. Our primary focus is to keep you rested and away from lines and heavy crowds. This all enables you to create wonderful Disney memories with your family - all because your Disney Itinerary and Tour Plan were created just for you!
One plan we utilize is a day that starts right when the parks open. Tour some of the Disney World attractions until just after lunch. After a break at your resort (go swim, get a massage, enjoy amenities), return to the Disney parks for dinner and a spectacular evening. This type of day has worked well year round, but is especially more important during the summer heat.
Once we learn more about your family's needs and interests, we'll create the perfect Disney Tour Plan just for you.
Q:Do you offer itineraries and tour plans for other Orlando destinations?
We would be happy to schedule a day for you at Universal Park or another Orlando destination. We do not provide the customized tour plans or itineraries for any theme parks or Orlando destinations other than Walt Disney World. If you intend to add other destinations to our vacation, let us know, and we'll block that day out of your schedule.