Your Help Around The Mouse Itinerary

Disney is huge.

It is the size of a city, (and a crowded city at that!) so logistics play a big part in how you will look back and remember this trip. Yet -- most casual Disney planners do not even consider logistics!

Will you remember being stressed because you realize how late you are going to be for that important Princess meal, or will it just seem that you are magically in the right place at the right time?

Disney is tiring.

Walking miles each day is normal. Staying up too late is common. Staying too long in order to fit it all in seems unavoidable.

Will you be the family at wits end after fighting crowds on a day that you now realize lasted way too long? Or, will you get everything done that you wanted to AND have time to swim and lounge around that expensive pool you paid for?

There is little sadder than a way too tired child at Disney.

Disney is popular.

Disney takes dining and activity reservations 6 months in advance and reserves 100% of their tables at all the popular places. Reservations need to be secured with a credit card guarantee.

Will you find out too late that all those tables are booked? Or will your photo album be full of pictures of Cinderella, Snow White, Mickey and Minnie, comfortably taken over a cup of coffee?

Our Guests know we will take care of making all dining reservations on their behalf. No fuss, no muss.

Help Around the Mouse thinks of all of these things.
Help Around the Mouse takes care of all of these things.
For you.

•   How will you take care of everyone’s stamina and ‘happiness’ level?
•   What parks will you go to? When will you arrive? How will you get there?
•   When will you see fireworks? What about parades?
•   Will you do Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique? The Pirates League? An Illuminations Cruise? A Spa visit?
•   Where will you eat? With characters? A dinner show? A Signature Dining experience?